Bill Wiley Photography: Blog en-us (C) Bill Wiley Photography (Bill Wiley Photography) Fri, 04 Nov 2016 17:27:00 GMT Fri, 04 Nov 2016 17:27:00 GMT Bill Wiley Photography: Blog 93 120 New Creative Photo Art It's been a while since my last post due a sale of our last house and purchase (build) of our new home. We moved from Mesa Az to the west side of Phoenix in the city of Buckeye Az. It is in an active adult community with a clubhouse for work outs and entertainment. It also features an 18 golf course with a 19th hole restaurant. It is much better than where we were at in Mesa. Well on to my spiel,

I have working on a photography course on Photographic Art. It's quite interesting and have learned a lot about Photoshop and Lightroom. I you visit the Creative art photo category you will what is new an if you have never been here, you will galleries of images I have taken. The Creative Art category is the host for all of my art work. I am still working on the course as I took some time off for the move. 

Any of the images you will find on my site are for sale printed in photographic lab and mounted if desired. The come in a variety of sizes so you can select how large or small you would like. They can be mounted on various materials such as, foam core, metal and canvass just to name a few. you can also select to have them framed and matted.

Thank you in advance for visiting my web site. Have a fun, safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Bill Wiley

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My Latest Images Good morning, I have been working on some grunge and fine art photography. I am recovering from some surgery recently, so I am a little slow at getting in the mood to work on them. However, I have completed some new images for you, they are located in the My Photos tab and then the Creative Artistry icon.

I still to learn more about photoshop using the class by Sebastian Michaels. He has different by similar classes. First is the Fine Art/Grunge course, then the Creative Black and White and most recently, a course titled "Awake". This course goes deeper into using Photoshop and creating some very interesting art. He stresses using images that you want to throw away and make them appealing to the general public. Here is a link to the Creative Photographic Artistry, click here. p174170249Once in the site, feel free to explore the many other photos I have posted.

I found out that it takes time to learn all of it, however, it is fun and exciting to see the compositions take shape. It gives a sense of learning to be creative, which in the past, I never thought of self in that respect. I have the support from my wife in this endeavor and I greatly appreciate all of her critiques and recommendations. She has been a big influence on my little known creative side.

I hope to here any comments regarding the images that I have posted, and be on the lookout for more in the future.

Bill Wiley

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Creative Fine Art Grunge I am taking a course in Fine Art & Grunge photography. It is a little intensive, so I need to take my time and learn it bit by bit. I have mastered the first part and now to move on to more. it requires the use of photoshop and lightroom together and I was not overly familiar with photoshop to any great extent. The class is a super learning tool and I have learned a lot about how to use layers and blending, things I would not do in the past, as I felt intimidated by them. Now I just need to learn more about using the Hue Saturation and curves adjustments a little more.

If any of you are interested in this class, here is a link to the website. He randomly gives a 50% discount on the class and all the material is free to students, with lifetime access to his bonus goodies.

Sebastian Michaels supplies you with textures, brushes and other items to help you get started. He also gives you directions on where to find other items for yu compositions. I find this course to be meaningful and fun. I highly recommend checking it out if you want to make a boring image interesting and captivating. I have many compliments on my new images from people on Facebook and other photographers that do this type of work.

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Website makeover Website makeover is now here. 

I have recently completed a makeover on my site. Not only has the look changed, but the site does not require a login to enter. Click this link for a look at the new fresh and clean appearance The Welcome page, with one click, lets you view all the images in the gallery. Just click on the cover photo and you're there.

You will also find a PHOTOS LINK on the menu bar to other photography sites for additional information on education, tips/tricks and images. 

I've  added some new photos in a few of the galleries, so take a look and see what's new there as well. I hope you will have an enjoyable tour of my website and photos.

If would, please provide any feedback you may have regarding the looks, typos or errors of any kind. Just use the contact form to send me your comments, good or bad. Here's a look at part of the Welcome page. 

Thank you,

Bill Wiley

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5 & Diner, A Ye Olde Fashion Diner There stands the "5 & Diner", a Ye Olde Fashion Diner is here in Mesa, one of a few that are still open. Many of them closed during the economic stress of 2008. it's really sad that these things like this have to happen. They diner serves some rather large servings of food and the best part, they make real Milk Shakes with real ice cream. When they  bring you the shake, half is in the glass with whipped cream and a cherry, the other half is still in the metal blending container. I had a James Dean shake, it's a Chocolate Amaretto. Yummy. The bacon cheeseburger I had, was so large I had to squeeze it to flatten out enough to sink my teeth into it. Can't beat it.

These diners are replicas of the diners of the '50s with the red and white vinyl seats and the table top juke boxes. A floor model juke box sits near the entry door. The songs of the '50s and '60 being played over the speakers, brings back some very awesome memories. Along the walls are old movie posters, like, "Casa Blanca" with Bogie, James Deans classic "A Rebel Without A Cause" and others. I can remember sitting in the living room watching some of these movies with my mom and dad.

Thinking back on the old days of high school, I can recall the 45 and 33 RPM vinyl records. We all had our turntables, speakers and amplifiers to listen with. Sitting in your room with buddies or girl friends listening the top of the chart songs. Today these chart grabbers are called "Oldies but Goodies". If you saved up some money, you could go to Tower Records, a store consisting of all the best records and vinyl albums. In fact you could into Tower Records and go into sound booth and listen to some music with the intent to buy.

Ah the good old days, where we spent our out of school time playing at the park or school yard. Those were the days that drinking water from a garden hose was a norm and mom had to call you for dinner, not with a cell phone however. Going to "Savon Drugs" was a walk, we didn't have cars and a bicycle was hard to ride with a double scoop of ice cream for $.10/scoop in your hand. 

Well enough of reminiscing about an era gone by. Here are a few images of the records and record players of the days. Well I hope this wets your appetite for something good to eat and some oldies music to stir up the blood flow and get you all excited. Enjoy the weekend.

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Learning To Shoot Portraits I have been working on learning to shoot portraits for the past 3 weeks. I belong to a new Meetup group that brings in models for shooting headshot and full body portraits. This is a free group and cost nothing to shoot the models. These men and women are striving to break into the modeling industry and therefore, all they ask, is to receive photos for their portfolio. 

I'm still shooting landscapes and travel photos, and just using this to expand my photo skills. It seems to be working out well. I still need to learn more about lighting, both studio and natural light with flash. I have books to read and I'm also taking some Craftsy courses to see on video have it all works together. It will just take some time, as the old cliche says, Rome Was Not Built In A Day. I will continue to work on this and possibly do this for some side work.

Below are some recently taken photos during the weekly meetings each Saturday night.


photos of models. photos of models. photos of models. photos of models.

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Grandson Michael and new wife, Paige MIchael and PaigeMIchael and Paige

Our grandson Michael and Paige had their wedding at the San Clemente Beach Park in May. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of people in attendance, including us. Wouldn't have missed it for anything. The reception was also held at the beach park with good food, drink and wine. As the afternoon made it's way into evening, the DJ played a variety of music for those who liked to dance, and the party extended into the night. 

I think the hotel they were spending their first night at was rather confidential. We had no idea where they were heading to. When they departed for the night, they were chauffeured in a 1936 Rolls Royce. Exquisite choice of vehicle for a special occasion.

We gave them use of time share exchange on the island of Maui for a week as a honeymoon gift. The two love birds flew into Kahului on May 30th. They just posted one of their photos of the two of them atop the Haleakala Volcano over looking the city with cloud formations, the two of them looked extremely happy, as well they should. They also have a wedding gift waiting for them when they arrive back home, I believe this little gift will be loved and treasured.

Duanne and I look forward to seeing them have a lifetime together and share each others dreams and desires. Congratulations Michael and Paige for entering a new life of happiness and togetherness with each other.

We love you both.

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Grandson Wedding  

On May 3rd, our Grandson Michael and his bride to be, Paige, were married before many family and friends on that beautiful sunny afternoon. The wedding was held at the San Clemente State Beach Park in California. We are very proud of them both and sincerely wish them, "Happy Trails To You" as the white hat wearing cowboy, Roy Rogers would say . As they embark on their soulmate journey of marriage, we have offered them the use of our timeshare anywhere they would like to go for their honeymoon. As yet they have not made a decision. Michael and Paige have stated that a trip to some tropical island would be to their liking, Caribbean or Pacific.

Michael is currently an Army Reservist and has returned from active duty in Afghanistan early in December. His role in the reserves is not so much as a combatant, but a combat medic. Unlike previous rules of engagement, combat medics now are carrying the latest in warfare arms. 

My wife, Duanne and I wish Michael and Paige many years of love and a blessed farewell as a successful marriage can be a rough road to travel.

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High school class reunion I was made aware of a get together for the class of '65 from West High School in Torrance Ca will be having a get together on August 15, 2015. I am looking forward to attending, as we will be with great friends that did not make it to our multi year reunion in Laughlin Nv in Oct 2011.

This event will take place in Fallbrook Ca at a classmates house. We will be BBQ'ing and playing some "oldies but goodies" while mingling and having a cocktail. It seems that Angie Ford-Green decided this would be the thing to do for our 50 years of working hard and not seeing much of each other. There have bee other reunions in the past, but alas, some of us could not make them for one reason or another. 

Here is an excerpt from Angies FB announcement:

A group of Class of '65 (and our '66 buddies) are making plans to get together to celebrate 50 years since we graduated! This should be a very special "Friends Weekend" and we need a tentative headcount for making plans. Please email me at or call me at 562-305-0017 to rsvp asap.

Everyone is on their own for overnight accommodations; check on local hotels in the Temecula area as Temecula is about 20 minutes from Patty's home - do this sooner than later, hotels are filling up in that area for some reason.

The weekend will begin with a party/celebration at Patty Hatton-Lucas's place on Saturday where there will be food, an "oldies but goodies" DJ, and plenty of time for reconnecting and celebrating. 

We will be pricing this out per person soon, so watch for upcoming details . . . the plan is to keep it informal and as simple as possible, with the focus on celebrating. 

Please rsvp with me ASAP! Go Warrior Buddies! :)

I would like to encourage anyone who reads this and knows some classmates that may not aware of our upcoming shindig, to extend the invitation to them. You can to go Facebook and click on events to respond, call her at 562-305-0017, or contact Angie directly at It should be a real "blast from the past". See you there

Have a great week.


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Getting better!!! Happy New Year and welcome to my blog.

Well after my extensive hip surgery, I am finally seeing some real improvement. I'm still learning how to walk again, not really learning, just getting rid of my limp and unstableness. I have published new and some replacement photos on the website.

Permanent retirement is nearing, just a little over a month. I am looking forward to not have think or go to work anymore. This merger with American Airlines is a real mess and I'm glad to be getting away from it. I have been teaching commercial pilot training since the mid '70s and I think it's time to leave. 

My wife, Duanne and I will be doing some traveling soon. First we're going to Sante Fe New Mexico in late April or early May. Then my old squadron in Hawai'i is having it's bi-annual reunion in September in New Orleans. I went to the last in 2013 in Seattle and had a great time. Got to see some old friends and comrades. Dianne did not know anyone there, but she enjoyed the trip. We took the ferry to Victoria Island in B.C. for a day did a lot of shooting (photography type) at the Borchart Gardens and downtown Victoria. Drove to the Space Needle and toured the Chihuly exhibit, some very interesting glass pieces on display.

Visit my website at and take a look at images. Most images are for sale and will be printed and shipped at MPIX labs. Also, any comments or questions you may have, I would appreciate seeing them and will respond promptly.

Thank you all, and have a great year.

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Black and White

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

Why Black and White photography? It is because it is a timeless format. Photography began with ancient civilizations. The ancient Chinese would make a hole in a wall to allow light through to another wall  project images for people to see. That was the beginning of what is still in use today by some photographers, … Continue reading »

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Peter Tchaikovsky  

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

Peter Tchaikovsky Russian composer, was born in 1840 Votkinsk a small town in present-day Udmurtia, a former province of Vyatka in the Russian Empire. Throughout Peter Tchaikovsky’s short life, he composed many symphonies, concertos, operas, ballets and chamber music. Peter Tchaikovsky is still recognized by his style of composition, that being very Russian.  He was the first Russian composer whose music … Continue reading »


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A Taste of Greece  

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

A Taste of Greece I cooked dinner tonight, and I call it “A Taste of Greece”.  I decided on some pork, so I planned to serve some Keftedes, greek meatballs with a red wine sauce. It was served with a greek Orzo salad and a corn salad, which flavors that blended well with the meatballs. This was my … Continue reading »


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As The Year Ends…  

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

As the year ends we find ourselves looking back at the things we have done, hopefully for the better. Our travels have taken us to Southern California four times to visit our kids and their families. Two of our kids live in San Clemente and one lives in Thousand Oaks, north of Los Angeles. Our … Continue reading »


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The Holidays  

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

The Holidays are here, especially now that it’s December. I can’t believe the year is almost over; my, how the time just seems to slip away. Yesterday we went to JC Penny’s as my wife had to return some items. While there she wanted to look around, of course what’s new with that? She found a … Continue reading »


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Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park  

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park in Superior Arizona, is located in the Tonto National Forest east of Phoenix. It has much to offer in the way of carefully sculpted landscapes, as well as, plants and wildlife. Our meetup group did a photo shoot their on Nov 26th to capture the fall colors. Approximately 24 photographers … Continue reading »


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“Shaken, Not Stirred”  

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

“Shaken, Not Stirred” is a classic cliché spoken by the famous MI6 agent; Bond, James Bond. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Bond Movie, Dr. No, premiered in 1962! Sean Connery, a  Scottish actor, began the saga of British Secret Service agent 007. Scads of  beautiful Bond girls have made the screen … Continue reading »


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Grandview Resorts Las Vegas!!  

Bills Photo Imaging - "Visions Through My Lens"

News flash, on November 6th, we went to Las Vegas to enjoy my birthday in our timeshare unit. We only stayed for 3 days/4 nights, but it was a leisurely few days of relaxing and doing whatever we felt like. We had a free breakfast, dinner and a show compliments of the Grandview Resorts Las … Continue reading »


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Ah! Home Alone!!  

Road to Carefree Az.

I am alone at home with the our cat, Gracie. Of course my wife decided to go to Ca. to see our 2 girls, leaving me here while she is out having a ball and spending my paycheck. I didn’t mind, as I went to a place outside the Phoenix area called Bartlett Dam. I was originally going to Horseshoe Dam, but the road had been washed out from all the heavy rains we’ve had over the past couple of weeks. I packed up my cameras and went looking for the ultimate lake shot. There was some beautiful scenery on the way, and I did stop and take some landscapes. The road leading off to Horseshoe Dam was on the coming up on the left so I decided to check it out. It didn’t look overly traveled and the further I went I soon found out why. The paved road ended about a mile from the intersection and it was dirt/gravel mix. It was a little soft and I did not want to get stuck in the sand, so I made a 5 point turn, only because the road edges had fallen prey to 1-2 foot ditches. Once I made the turn back, I proceed to Bartlett Dam which was about 5 or so miles further ahead.

Bartlett Dam, northeast of Phoenix.

Mazatzal mountains near Carefree Az.

The sky was getting very washed out with the overcast and as time passed, it began to get dark. I made it to Bartlett Lake and I must say, it was huge. Not very picturesque, but large none the less. I took a few shots and started back home. I only did this as the road back had many deep dips and I did not want to get caught in a flash flood or just plain flooded roads and not be able to get through. There were some good shots of the town of Carefree, so I pulled over and took some. It was rather hazy and the sky very boring, Rather than dig out my Grad ND filters, I opted for my ND’s and took the shots. It helped the images, but I was not overly impressed. I knew I should have taken out the Grad’s, but alas, hindsight is very good after the fact.

My returns home today, and of course, as luck would have it, I got a call last night that I am needed in to teach one student a half day session. I found out that the individual who was scheduled to teach the entire day, had to fill in for the union president on the labor board negotiations for our contract. I hate when this kind of stuff happens. Oh well, what can I do. I should not feel bad about it, as I am only working 4 days this month, which now means 4.5 days.

4 miles north of Carefree Az.


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What you see, may not be what you get. The old adage, "What You See is What you Get", does not work in photography. That is why it is important to understand some elements on composing an image.

Composition is an element in photography that most people take for granted. I see something I want to take a picture of, so, click. I then look at it on the LCD, looks good to me and off I go. This is the mind set of an amateur with a camera. That's all well and good if you are looking to take some snapshots of your vacation or a weekend jaunt somewhere. But what if you want to take some great shots. That's where knowing a little bit about composition comes in.  You say to yourself,  what is Composition all about?

Your eye can see almost 90 degrees left and right, that is due to peripheral vision. The camera lens on the other hand can only see up to a specific angle as determined by the focal length of the lens attached. Think of it this way; put a pair of blinders on your head so that your peripheral vision is restricted to what's in front of you and slightly to each side. Depending upon how far in front of your face the blinders extend, determines the relative angle of view. 

When taking photos of landscapes let's say, you must ask yourself this question.  What do I want the viewers to see in my image? When you think in this way, you will be able to begin composing some great photos. You may like what you see in the countryside, but consider various aspects of how you want your image to be viewed. Things to consider when composing a shot include; the main subject placement, shooting angles, light, foreground, background and depth of field. I will explain these items briefly for now, and at a later time go into more detail.

When composing an image, how much is too much?

    Consider what you want to include in you image. Remember that you are telling a story and too much clutter can make the image confusing or boring. You want a good balance of items to project your thoughts and tell the story pictorially. I call it "Visions Through My Lens".

Main subject:

   When shooting a scene, you will want to select something that will standout and be the main focus of the photo. This will be your main subject. Surrounding items will compliment the main idea and help relate an overall thought about the photo. One thing to keep in mind is the photographers "Rule of Thirds". This is where you will place your main subject, in a third of the image space. When you shoot, think of a tic tac toe  board. It is divided into 9 squares and the subject should be placed on one of the intersections of the vertical and horizontal lines.

Notice how the main subject in the image below, the Red Ginger flower, is set off to the right one third of the image. In this case, the flower intersects one horizontal and two vertical lines on the right. The idea is to have the viewer see the subject then move around the image, taking in the entire photo and not focus on the center.Red Ginger

Angles can the difference between a good shot and a tremendous photo.

     Look at the scene in front of you, then visualize it from another angle. Ask yourself what would make the photo more interesting. Walk around and look at various locations. Go left and right to view the scene from a different vantage point. Keep in mind that people normally look at things from a standing position. So what may make a better shot, how about from the ground or higher up like maybe on a hill or a tall building. Shooting low is really amazing when photographing flowers. Another way to make plant life stand out is to back light the leaves or petals. This will give some definition to the petal or the veins in leaves. Get close and shoot, filling the frame with an entire flower and use depth of field to blur the background a bit.

LIghting can make or break an image.

     Lighting comes in many different forms. There's direct, indirect, natural, diffused, reflected, flash and strobe to name a few. The best time for taking photos outdoors is 30 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset. This is called the golden hour, because the light is softer and not as harsh as noon light. Direct light can make the image look flat, whereas shadows can provide some depth and contrast. I could spend a lot of time on this subject alone, but I just want to give some basics here.

Foreground and Background data.

A Grandview of the Mazatzal Mountains

    When taking landscapes of mountainous areas, they are often quite far from you. So a good wide angle lens works to give as much of the scene as possible. I caution you about getting too much in the foreground, as it becomes distracting and uninteresting. You want to add things that will enhance the depth and provide some 3 dimensional aspect to a 2 dimensional photo. The photo above shows how the foreground cacti and bushes give depth, perspective and dimension to the image.

Depth of Field.

    This is probably the most misunderstood concept of photography. It boils down to what is properly focused and what is blurred. You control DOF using the Aperture and the focal length of the lens. The aperture is how wide the lens opens letting light in to the sensor. The wider the aperture, the shallower the DOF, conversely, the smaller the aperture, the more DOF. When shooting with a large fStop (smaller aperture), you should determine how far away your main subject is from the front of the lens. This will give you a range that will be in focus and what is blurred. 

The photo below, illustrates the use of DOF. Notice how the flower and the bee are in sharp focus and the background is slightly blurred.Bee and Wild Flower

If you a little confused yet, here is an example of what I am talking about.

You are using a focal length of 35mm and an aperture of f8 and the subject is 6' away. With this setting, you would have approximately 5-8' of sharp focus area. That would mean that part of the foreground and background will blurred to some extent

I hope that this helps clarify why parts of your images are blurred and the rest looks great. Like I said, there is a lot more to DOF than I covered just now. I will do a blog on this later in a little more detail.



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