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Here are links to other photography websites that may be of interest to our clients and guests. These links will go to sites that have blogs with information on photography for new and advanced photographers. You may find these sites useful for whatever your needs may be so feel free to check them out. More will be added as I locate worthwhile informational sites.


Click on the link above for multiple links for car photography information.

Have a passion for cars? What about photography? Car spotters are dedicated vehicle enthusiasts who travel from location to location in search of exotic, vintage, modified, or rare super-cars to photograph. Many spotters search for interesting cars on public roads in big cities from all over the world. Some of the most popular sighting spots for car admirers are London, Miami, Beverly Hills, Milan, and Dubai. Serious spotters also tend to use social media to find cars, car shows and news. Car spotting focuses on finding and capturing rare cars that you don’t see everyday, but car photography is still a rewarding experience even for those not interested in exotic cars.

Modern or vintage, there are endless cars and locations just waiting to be photographed! Here are some more resources to help you get started:

My Blog site for information and ideas and just general information. 

A site for printing your photography needs, such as, photos, business cards, photo books and more.

A website for landscape photographers who want to learn more and enter photo contests. 

A website that offers tips and information regarding photography and subscriptions to their magazines. They also offer photo contest entries and prizes. 

Located in Tempe Az., provides a full array of photographic needs. Rentals, sales, printing, gear and some good old fashion advice.  

Stock photos of the Orange County area of Califormia. 

Photography information and workshops courses. 

Photography information, ebooks and training, HDR is Trey's specialty. 

Photographer, speaker and show hostess, plus webinars and workshops. 

B and H photo/video store.Cameras and accessories for your photographic needs. 

Adorama. Cameras and accessories online for your photo equipment needs. 

A fully equipped training site for learning about photography to post processing training in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. All levels of photography and software training, including videos, webinars and on site seminars. Also the home for NAPP (Nat'l Assc of Photoshop Professionals). They offer discounts with many online stores and seminars.

This site is dedicated to photoshop users regardless of experience level. It is also an affiliate of Kelby Training. There is plenty of training material and tutorials, as well as, discounts for your favorite software and hardware purchases. It is a membership association, but well worth investment, especially if you are new to photography and/or photoshop.

These courses are a little expensive, however, they generally have sales. There are a variety of different classes available, including photography.
Excerpt from the TGC website: "We are proud to be partners with National Geographic, The Culinary Institute of America, and the Smithsonian. Together we are creating illuminating courses that bring you the best in lifelong learning."
A website offering education material, i.e. Ebooks, videos,blogs and more.
Another website with photographic materials for education, post processing, tips and tricks and more.
A website offering unique custom made Photoshop brushes, some are free and some are paid.

8 Tips for Fall Landscape Photography Digital Photography School

How to Clean an SLR Camera Lens the Right Way Picture Correct
Imagination Lightroom Killer Tips
Drone Information Information, tips and tricks concerning drone aerial photography. Catherine Santos aerial photographer. I encouraged the kids who came last week to find some online practice guides dealing with not only digital photography but the editing process as well
The Exposure Triangle Explained in 3 Animated Videos This is for anyone new to photography or just to refresh your memory if you are intermediate or experienced.
Tips for Flower Photography Some helpful tips and taking photos of flowers.
Become a design pro with this Adobe CC bundle Are you interested doing some design work, take a look here for some information.
2 Lil Owls" website. The 5 links below are from 2 Lil Owls' email:

1. How to use Radial Gradients in Photoshop to direct your viewer's eye. 

2. How to create low-key Rembrandt style lighting in your photos.

3. How to take wonderful portraits with your iPhone!

4. Since we are going into fall - Here are 6 tips for photographing fall color.

5. Great info if you have upgraded your iPhone/iPad to IOS 11 - How to make your iPhone shoot jpeg again - so you don't run into compatibility problems with your editing programs. We try to create detailed and long-form guides on a range of photography topics, from beginner (Exposure triangle, Sunny 16 rule etc.) to more advanced such as astrophotography, landscape and nature photography. This website is designed to promote and instruct features, use and regulations regarding the use of drones. Whether you are an amateur or have flown drones this site provides guides for proper usage.